the salty lifestyle


Let's keep this planet a little more clean, our soy doesn't have any additives or paraffin because we hate that shit. No, thank you.

100% Natural Soy Wax



Hand made with 100% soy wax & no additives or parabins


Surfrider Foundation

Donating 1$ from every item

We want to care about mother earth, we have found that the Surfrider Foundation was the best fit for the salty things we want to do. Helping our coastal shores all across the west coast. We are donating 1$ from every item purchased to the foundation and we will volunteer and help clean the shores when possible to do so.



Sea Salt Soaks

Epsom salt and sea salt soaks, help with anxiety, muscle tension and helps calm the heck down when there is a stressful week.


We make sure that the ocean goes into each Candle, adding salt into them to make sure they burn longer than before.


Made in Vancouver, we are a small business that loves supporting local, if you're a small business that also wants to support local. Let us know!

Soy wax candles, vegan, eco-friendly and clean burning. Six different scents. Candles wrapped with plants on wooden blocks.

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